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Protect Your Business From False Claims And Accusations

The Internet has done so much for businesses. It has made it possible for small business to stay afloat through online sales and it allows more customers to locate you through search engines and review sites. But it has also made it easier to slander businesses and divert traffic from websites deemed undesirable by unsatisfied customers. The following are tips to ensure your business avoids a scandal or a false claims accusation.
One of the most successful ways to showcase your wonderful services is to display client testimonies on your website and to ask your clients to rate you on verified websites like Yelp or Angies List. If a customer is happy with their work with you, link them to the appropriate pages and ask them to write you a favorable review. If you display testimonies on your site, make sure they are current and visible on the front page of your site. If your testimonials are three years old, it may seem as if you haven't satisfied a client in three years.

A telltale sign of a shady business is falsified testimonials and reviews. Ask your clients if:
  1. It is okay to post their review, and...
  2. To take the time to verify your business should they receive such an inquiry.
Simple steps like these can not only ensure future clients are happy, but that past clients feel important after their work with you is complete.

Another key trick to boasting legitimacy and top notch service is to make sure your website's layout and navigation are simple, welcoming, up to date, and user friendly. A clean and easy-to-navigate website - with current information - can make or break a business, because aesthetics have a huge impact on a future client's impression of you.

Here at Celebrity Talent International, founder Glenn Richardson and agents like Kerin McGibben and Emily Blumen are dedicated to bringing you a wonderfully smooth and hassle free experience when booking talent for your next event. We ensure you get the best prices and do not get swindled by agents working for the talent. We work for you, so your best interest is our priority.