Celebrity Talent International

Fraudulent and Legitimate Talent Buying Businesses

It is unfortunate that there are people who wish to capitalize on the facelessness of the Internet and the vast amount of information that makes it difficult to differentiate real from fake. That is why Celebrity Talent International is dedicated to not only booking spectacular talent for spectacular events, but educating businesses on the telltale signs of a fraudulent business.
Con artists can range from people looking for a quick buck to Internet savvy individuals who know how to craft business fronts that look legitimate to the untrained eye. However, despite how "real" some sites can look, it is possible to see through the false testimonies, reviews, and claims

First and foremost, any company that claims fast results with little work involved is usually lying. They will also ask for a money deposit before anything is set in stone. This goes for anyone seeking employment and anyone seeking services. If you wish to book a well-known celebrity or speaker and the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

A quick Google search can usually rule out any suspicions. It isn't uncommon for most legitimate businesses to have at least one article claiming they are criminal or fraudulent. There will always be an unsatisfied customer who wants to spend their time diverting future customers. Just like any other webpage, grammar and composition are telltale signs of someone simply trying to slander a company. Also pay attention to the type of information presented and where it is coming from. Often, someone trying to tarnish a name and divert traffic will grasp at any sign of negative information, even if it is in no way related to the business or its services. Emotion filled claims are a red flag. And if it seems to be a one off site solely dedicated to slandering a single business, it probably is exaggerated or down right fake. Look for reviews on legitimate sites like Yelp, Angies List, The Better Business Bureau, etc.

Also look for reviews and testimonies that can't be backed up. It is easy to falsify testimonies, but it is even easier to prove their legitimacy. A quick email to the companies named will confirm if they actually did business with the business in question.

Trying to get the best possible service for the best possible money, while avoiding shady business practices is hard, especially in an industry as lucrative and desirable as the entertainment industry. That is why Celebrity Talent International is dedicated to not only taking over the hard part of booking for your event, but sharing their insight on appropriate business practices. If you seek entertainment or a speaker for your next event, or simply have questions regarding the legitimacy of a business, look no further than Celebrity Talent International.

Here at Celebrity Talent International, founder Glenn Richardson and agents like Kerin McGibben and Emily Blumen are dedicated to bringing you a wonderfully smooth and hassle free experience when booking talent for your next event. We ensure you get the best prices and do not get swindled by agents working for the talent. We work for you, so your best interest is our priority.